Parts & Supplies for FLEX 1-3/4" Button Makers

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1-3/4" Button Parts and accessories for 1-3/4" FLEX Button Makers.

On this page we have all available supplies for 1-3/4" FLEX Button Makers in 3 pack sizes:  100, 500 or 1000's. Also 5k or 10k for pin-backs.

These parts will fit all FLEX1000 or FLEX2000 Diesets.

Choose your item and your packsize using the dropdown menus above.

Common Uses

The 1-3/4" button is a very popular medium sized button, with a good balance between having more space for words and artwork, but still being small enough to wear regularly. It's a great size for art and photo buttons, and works well for key-chains, name tags, and fridge magnets. The new shoelace sets are proving very popular in this size. Indented shoelace parts available in the 1-3/4" size.