• Close up of Flex1000 Button Maker
  • Closeup of Flex2000 Button Maker
  • Flex1000 and Flex2000 Button Maker diesets
  • Closeup of Flex1000 Button Maker

FLEX Button Makers are made of solid metal and built to last for years. We’ve been selling these button machines for over 5 years and have yet to hear of one wearing out.

Benefits to using a FLEX Button Maker:

  • Affordable
    Compared to other similar quality button making machines.
  • Uses standard North American button parts
    Made in the USA, button parts are easy to get and priced better than Chinese competitors. We also sell the button parts and ship world-wide.
  • Quick change diesets
    Crimp dies and Pickup die can be swapped in less than a minute and enable you to make different size buttons.
  • Save $250 when you buy the complete button making kit
    Buy the Startup Kit and get the Add-on die sets separately at another time, or buy them as a package and save money.
  • All sizes come with FREE extras
    Each size comes with a rotary circle cutter to easily cut your artwork to the right size, plus 100 complete pin-back button parts (shells, mylar, and pin-backs), and 10 complete Peel N Stick magnets.
  • Makes more than just buttons
    With the right optional parts, Flex Button Makers can make fridge magnets, hair ties, shoelace buttons, zipper pulls, keychain buttons, game pieces, and more. The 2-1/4" button machine also makes bottle openers (multiple types), pocket/purse mirrors, peel N stick fridge magnets or ceramic magnets, hanging ornaments, and more.